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Greenfield university

Greenfield Learning provides a variety of professional learning workshops using proven methods to meet the needs of districts and schools, as well as customized consulting to improve educational outcomes. We have decades of experience as teachers, administrators, and consultants throughout California and Canada. We are thrilled to bring this expertise and vast knowledge base to support your educators.


Language and Literacy

This series of workshops is designed to develop strong foundations in the areas of language development and literacy. Leveraging research from the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) and years of educational experience, we offer customized workshops where educators engage in experiences designed to deepen an understanding of: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, structural analysis, vocabulary, and comprehension, and the science behind teaching reading.


Multi-Tired System of Support

This series of workshops is designed to assist educators in establishing or enhancing their MTSS model. This workshop includes activities around differentiated learning, student-centered learning, and the alignment of systems necessary for all students’ academic, behavioral, and social success. This course includes planning meetings to support the district or school in establishing or enhancing their MTSS model. Our approach focuses on addressing the needs of all students by aligning the entire system of initiatives, supports, and resources, and by implementing continuous improvement processes at all levels of the system and provides a basis for understanding how educators can work together to ensure equitable access and opportunity for all students to achieve the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This workshop will be customized to meet the goals and vision of your organization and can include the full MTSS model or only RtI.

Classroom Management in a Blended Learning Environment

This series of workshops is designed to assist educators in establishing or enhancing classroom routines and designing environments to support the use of technology to improve student outcomes. Sessions are customizable and include topics such as: storing and maintaining electronic devices, creating flexible classroom environments and developing classroom routines including efficient transitions, station rotation best practices, and materials management.


New Teacher Boot Camp

This series of workshops and one-on-one coaching is designed to get new teachers started on the right foot. We have combined the best of each of our workshops to support new educators in creating classroom environments, implementing time saving routines and building a strong foundation in the science of teaching reading and making data based decisions. 

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