Who Are We?

Greenfield Learning has over 20 years experience implementing technology-delivered curriculum and providing professional learning opportunities.

We specialize in bringing educational workshops and technology-based reading and math curriculum to your labs and classrooms, to your teachers, administrators and to your students and their families. 

We carefully select research-proven and supported systems to ensure your success. We tailor our support for you, from large city-based district-wide strategic implementations to small rural school sites; we provide the system and the support to best fit your needs.

We are educational partners with over 1000 local schools, districts, boards,  as well as many Nationally renowned Charter Management Organizations, Private, Religious and Parochial schools. We serve several hundred thousand students across California and Canada and we are known for our exceptional customer service and relationships.

We are a team of professionals that is held to the highest level of ethics, to a standard of excellence. We are dedicated to improving academic success for students of every age and ability, and most importantly…We love what we do, and what we do helps students succeed.

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